Halo Master Chief Suit




This was my first attempt to making a full scale, costume replica build...

Step 1: Templets..

The beginning process of printing and cutting out shapes...

1. I first start with building the helmet. I used card stock to cut my shapes out. and used regular clear tape to hold the shapes in place.

Step 2: Helmet Construction.

I made a few different types of helmets, just to see which one i was willing to commit to in the end.

Step 3: Time to Fiberglass and Bondo...

I first added layers of fiberglass and resin to the INSIDE of the helmet. Then after i was satisfied with all the voids filled, i let it dry for a few days. Next i spread bondo mix on the outside to make the surfaces smooth and seamless.

Step 4: Paint, Foam, and Electronics.

It took a bit of time. I cant remember how much, considering this was my very first fiberglass and bondo project.

The electronics were simple, just a few led's that are powered by a 9volt battery.

Step 5: Body Time!...

Much like the helmet was done, the body was done the same way, just took a long, long time.....

Step 6: Now to Try It All On...

This is where the true art process takes place, because now the parts have to try to fit the person you made it for...

Step 7: Weapons...

I attempted to make a few guns as well, just to complete the suit...

Step 8: Last But Not Least. Storing the Costume

Here i attempted to make a wood 2x4 construction to hold the body pieces in a statue form. After wearing it for a few events, i decided to modify the abs piece and a few other parts to make wearing it easier...



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    12 Discussions


    3 years ago

    omg. That is so coollllllllllll


    4 years ago

    Isn't card stock too soft ?

    What can i do with pepakura ?
    what material is used to build body parts ?
    i've tried it but i failed without the thing you call "pepakura".


    4 years ago

    turned out quite good. must have taken weeks. I loved the helmet taking shape.


    4 years ago

    pepakura :D


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Dam, That really sweet looking ! Love the Visor.

    What is the Shield's Recharge rate?