Halo Master Chief




Intro: Halo Master Chief

Halo MC suit in pieces.

this costume took about 3 months in total to make. a lot of poster board, hot glue and sharpie markers black and the cool new silver ones. i used the green metallic rustolium spray paint, 3 coats. a moto helmet w/ gold visor. knee pads with velcro for the upper legs. most everything had velcro dots for easy in and out. the main thing was scale measuring everything off an action figure. the poster board cuts easy and can be bent and shaped a little when wet.



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     idk wat to do bc i got a macbook laptop and i need a web page to get to the zip or soft ware for mac

     I want more details on how you made the helmet because i have all the stuff but i want to know if you did it off designs or freehand

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     kind freehand. i went roughly off a halo 2 figure. i ended up with the big helmet for two reasons. the boy has a giant globe head and it was one of the few helmets i could get a gold visor for. 


    9 years ago on Introduction

    could you put in more detail about the helmet i want to make one.


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    snake will snap the john's neck any day, even through the armor, shielding and thermal gel!