Halo Reach Spartan Build COMPLETED

About: i am an aspiring prop maker and keen sci-fi fan. i found this site a few years back and i did not know i'd ever love it this much! i'm mostly into Assassin's Creed cosply and Star Wars Cosplay.

here's my Spartan Build made of Cardboard, Tape bit of paper mache and Thermoplastic, can you give me some ideas on how to make the Commando Helmet from Cardboard as i am having problems making it. the Combat Knife is Cardboard, tin foil and sticky felt. COMPLETED: 22/12/13
i'm making a Halo Reach Spartan, specifically Carter. my main weapons are the Jasman Plasma pistols wich i'm very lucky to get hold of for £55.00.
it's made of heavy duty cardboard, duct tape and insulation tape.
it's costed me £5.79 for the whole thing.

this is the right colour of blue.

for the white stripes

for the shoulders and legs

for the inside parts

for certain details



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