Halo Wetworks Custom Armor




Halo wetworks and Venator armor, which is made out of just paper,(unfinished, not finished) I'm in the costume contest, Plz vote for me if you like it?

Step 1: The Fiberglassing Stage

This is called pepakura, a paper-folding/ digital programming "arts". I know there are a lot of threads about this, so I'll skip to the beginning. I am 13 years old, and stumbled upon this while looking for costumes. I first started with scratch-building, or eyeballing an odst armor, which didn't go so well. I don't have the pics on my files department right now... But I might have some on this site- http://www.405th.com/forum.php - This is the place you want to be if you were a halo fan and/or craftsman, photographer, or programmer. So, This armor is a Venator body armor from Halo. This was made out of paper, fiberglass resin, epoxy resin, and in some pictures, I am shown wearing a 5mm foam bodysuit and respirator.

Step 2: Night Pics

This is when I put parts of the body armor together...

Step 3: Where It All Started

this is my armor before the fiberglassing stage

Step 4: Lights

The lights I'm gonna use *hobby lobby 3$

Step 5: 3D Modeling in Obj Format

This is my armor in obj format, *pay no heed to the name of the file, the leg to codpiece is contoured armor, the arms are prefect gauntlets, the body armor is venator, and at last I'm doing a wet works helm...* I'm also doing a skull and cape, which is not available in obj format...well...maybe...if you make the files...

Step 6: Iron Halo 4 Skull

This is my skull, a Iron halo skull, which allows you to revive to the checkpoint. Its actually store painted, but I'm gonna repaint it brown, or skull color XD . I'm going to carry this around as a weapon, which is kinda weird, but yeah, you gotta work with what you have right?

Step 7: Fiberglassing the Others

This is the next steps- fiber glassing the next step^. This time, I did the insides first but made a fatal mistake- I brought my gloves inside XD. AND washed it INSIDE... When I get lung cancer in the future, I'm blaming myself for being so careless...and yes if you look carefully, you will see the fiber glassing in progress....

Step 8: Once Your Finished...

When you are done with the fiberglassing stage, It would look a bit like this...Obviously if its not gonna look exactly alike, depending on the armor you are making it...

Step 9:

Once done with that, you should primer everything... this is my armor...

Step 10:



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    3 years ago

    This looks pretty cool!

    Can you add a little more written description to tell some of details of how you made this? That would be great to see :)

    1 reply