Halo Cortan AI Chip Micro Sd Card Holder

Introduction: Halo Cortan AI Chip Micro Sd Card Holder

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I am a huge fan of halo and i was inspired to make this project by the halo 5 trailer. The design is much different than the one in the trailer as you can see.

Step 1: Modeling and Research

So what i did was searched online for a whole bunch of reference pics of what Cortana's Ai chip looked like. After gathering up a few pics i began modeling the chip. i modeled it so that a chain for dog tags or something similar could be wrapped around the center and worn around the neck . I also modeled it so that the back end of the chip could be removed and a micro sd could be put inside for storage.

Step 2: End Model

The final model is separated into 4 parts , The body of the chip, the two face plates , and the back end of the chip.I left the model like this so some of the details won't be altered by the 3D printing.

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    5 years ago

    Could you provide a download link for the file of the chip