Halogen Bulb Ambiental Light

Introduction: Halogen Bulb Ambiental Light

I was searching in my workshop and i found a 220~230V to 12V transofrmer ,and some halogen bulbs

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Step 1: Materials

�220~230V to 12V transformer
�some terminal blocks 
�2 halogen bulb( i got one warm white and one is kinda red ) 
�a case (opional)
�power cord
�a switch
♦Aditional : you can use 220~240V halogen bulbs too and don't use the transformer)

Step 2: Assemble All of Them Toghether

Put all of them toghether .
Now you have an abiental light for whatever you want .
I was planing to use it in the rear of my monitor ,but i have a narrow desk ,so the monitor was coming in front very much ,so i put it in the rear of my PC case.
It really looks cool

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