Halogen Lamp LED Retrofit

Introduction: Halogen Lamp LED Retrofit

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I have this halogen desk lamp that I use often but the bulb goes out every couple of years.  I have always thought that our Cree 3W Dimmable LED Puck Light would fit nicely in the housing. So I decided to try it and I really enjoy the outcome.  Now, my desk lamp supplies nice light without getting as hot or blinding as the original halogen bulb and I doubt I will ever have to deal with it going out again.  In addition, it was very simple to do and it only takes about half an hour.

Here is what I used:

Cree 3W Dimmable LED Puck Light in Black

3M Double Stick Tape

If your not as lucky as me, and your lamp isn't the correct voltage, you might also need a power adapter. Our 6W 12V Adapter should do it.

Bryan C. @ Elemental LED

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Step 1: Disasemble Original Bulb Fixture

First step is to take the old fixture out. You can do that by unscrewing all the mounting screws.  This is the time to inspect the lamp and see if you can find the voltage and power of the transformer.  Luckily for me, this lamp was 12v and 20w, which is perfectly within working range for the Cree 3W Dimmable LED Puck Light.  Notice that my lamp transformer works in A/C and usually with LEDs' you will need to use D/C but the puck I am using has a rectifier so it is irrelevant weather you use A/C or D/C.

If you need to use D/C you can follow these steps but in addition you have to swap our the original transformer for a D/C power adapter like our 12V adapter and wire it to the switch of the lamp.

Step 2: Disconect the Wiring

Here you want to disconnect the wiring. It is done by unscrewing the screws that hold the wiring to the contacts.

Step 3: Test to See If the Lights Work

After the old fixture is out of the way, test to see if your light works when you connect it to the contacts.

Step 4: Determine How to Mount the New Fixture

Here we need to figure out how to mount the new fixture.  When I started this project i was hoping I could use the existing screw holes to mount the new fixture but they did not line up.  So I ended up using some 3M Double Stick Tape. You don't need much - it's pretty strong.  You're going to need to connect the wiring before you can mount the puck permanently - the next step.

Step 5: Connect the Wires of the New Light

Now you want to connect the wires of the lamp to the contact points, It is done by wrapping the wiring around the contact screws or by using crimp connectors that the screws can fit through.  I just twisted the wires around the screws and tightened them.

Step 6: Mount the Puck Into Place

After the new puck is wired up is a good time to test to see if it lights up.  If/when it works, mount it into place via double sided tape or screws and you're done!

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