Halloween Bone Cake




Intro: Halloween Bone Cake

Spooky but sweet haloween bone cake

Step 1: Meringue Bones

Make a meringue cream and make o bones using a bag

Step 2: Sponge Cakes

Make 2 sponge cakes

Step 3: Cut 6 Layers Frm 2 Sponge Cakes

3 layers - 16 cm

3 layers - 10 cm

Step 4: Make Whipped Cream

Step 5: Create 2 Level Cake

Step 6: Decorate Cake With Meringue Bones

Step 7:



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    3 Discussions

    Penolopy Bulnick

    1 year ago

    Those meringue bones are neat! I've never made something like that before, do they just sit out, harden, and are edible, or do they need to be baked?

    1 reply

    they need to be baked for about 30-45 mins in 120°C and they just stick to the whipped cream. BUT the cream melts sugar so the cake must be eaten the same day ;)

    Great idea. You can shape bones into just about any kind of design that you want to decorate a cake. You can even spell out words.