Halter Top Autodesk Sketchbook Pro!

Introduction: Halter Top Autodesk Sketchbook Pro!

My design is a halter top with tutu attachment .  My thought process for this design was that it was hot out.
This halter top is made to help people beat the heat while wearing something that would be super fun to dance in.
The design of rectangles, ovals, and circles could be changed to the Betabrand logo as long as it is kept in a neon color with a somewhat abstract design around it. 

The drawing itself is not the best but the point is that the Halter is one basic color with an abstract geometric design on it with a tutu of possibly alternating colors.

This is a design that small children would probably wear more often than adults but it is just a thought.

The design could also be changed so that the tutu could detach if someone didn't want to wear that part on certain days.

You could even make the tutu with a pattern like the skirt in the photo.

Step 1: Video of Sketchbook Pro Steps and Process! LINK

Here is the video of my process. I had to do some edits to the texture/size of my felt tip pen. I'm still a bit new to the program so I'm not sure of most of the things I do with Autodesk Sketchbook Pro.


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