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Introduction: Hamburger Buns

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Mmmmm Im gonna Show you how to make Hamburger buns at home rather than buying it which may be dry at times...........
You can make 12buns from this Recipe, So lets get started....................

Step 1: Ingredients

Wet -      1 cup / 235 ml   Milk 
                1/2 cup water
                1/4 cup / 55g butter
                1 egg

Dry - (when mixing the dry please make sure your hands are dry)
4 1/2 cups   /  560g flour
               .25 ounce / 9g instant dry yeast (i used "Mauripan brand")
      2 tbsp / 25g White sugar
               1 1/2 tsp / 9g Salt

Step 2: Wet Ingredients

Heat all the wet ingredients except the egg in a pan let the butter melt and let cool to Luke warm standard. 

Step 3: Dry Ingredients & Mixing

Now make sure that your hands are dry 
Start by mixing  2 cups of flour, the yeast sugar ad salt..........
then add the Luke warm mixture into the flour and mix, add the egg,
Then slowly add the remaining flour bit by bit,
create a dough
then make the dough into 12 balls and keep in the baking tray, and cover and keep air tight for 35 mins for the yeast to do its job.
i recommend 2 baking trays 6 in each

Pre heat the oven 400oF / 200oC for 10 minutes

Step 4: Baking

After 35 minutes the Balls would have doubled in size, Put them straight in the preheated oven for 10-12mins

Step 5: Eat

This part is your choice , you can fill it with JAM and eat , or just with butter
or like i'm going to, you can make some hamburgers



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    9 Discussions

    can this recipe be made using glutin free flour?

    I tried these tonight, they turned out great! Thanks for the recipe.

    with the air tight part, could you use cling wrap/film? thank, they look delicious chow(ciao)

    1 reply

    yeah but then keep it covered with a bowl and clingwrap the sides of the bowl i just put a napkin over the bowl u need to put the bowl cause u need to give them space to rise.......

    looks good i suggest flatting it out a little before the proof so it makes it a even bun and when you put it in the oven in the beggining give it a little water in the bottom to make it browner but great instructable cant wait to make them

    That's good, you can find some bloody-awful bread wrapped around hamburgers...