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I made this as a gift for the love of my life, who LOVES HAMBURGERS. I made the top out of two different color fabrics (Tan and White) stitched them together and stuffed it with cotton. Then I ironed on some sesame seeds. Took a yellow blanket as the cheese, green felt to make the lettuce. Red round pillow for tomato and Green odd shaped pillow for the pickle. The hamburger part of it is actually a Brown suede material that I cut and stitched together (4 feet round and 3 feet high). Then I bought memory foam and cut it into a ton of mini squares and stuffed it into the brown suede. Now the hamburger can be fluffed back to its original shape after someone sits on it. The base was 2 pieces of 3/4 plywood that I glued and screwed together. Then I took cheap flexible wood and covered it with the same material as the top bun and screwed it on to the sides. The base sits 4ft across and can actually sit 2 people comfortably. After all was said and done, I took 5 big castors and screwed them to the bottom in order to give it a little lift off the floor and to level it out.



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    I can picture a hamburger bed with cheese and lettuce sheets and tomato and pickle pillows. wonderful!

    This is so cool! I have never seen anything like this before, I love it!

    It really is, plus because it's memory foam and not your basic bean bag material it fluffs right back to the same size everytime. When I was making this I wanted to make it so that it would last a long time and not have to replace the main seat too often or hopefully ever.

    I can say from personal experience, this is the coolest, most comfortable sandwich I've ever slept in.