Hammers With Magnets - Simple and Useful Life Hack!





Introduction: Hammers With Magnets - Simple and Useful Life Hack!

This trick is very simple - but also very useful for all fans of construction, or for all those users who works wite hammers & nailed (and working on ladders mostly)

Step 1: Materials

Strong Magnet
 Insulating tape

Step 2: Step One - Connect the Magnet in Your Most Convenient Part (preferably Not in the Grip Poin)

Step 3: Second and Final Step - Covering All Parts of the Magnet



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    5 Discussions

    That's a nice, simple hack, but I have two questions;

    ● Don't you get nails flying around with each strike?

    ● Why are you using geological hammers to put in nails?

    2 replies

    Geological hammers? Really? Good to know :-) Anyway this is what I have ..

    Anyway regarding your first question - the nails do not "flying around" while use small nails (not like the ones in the picture), I also got exceptionally strong magnets, they are called "neodymium magnet" (also known a Neo magnet).

    you can look for them here: