Hammock Swing

Introduction: Hammock Swing

We had an extra hammock laying around the house that I had originally purchased for use as a hammock but it was a bit small. So as not to waste a perfectly good hammock I fashioned it into a swing.

Step 1: Materials

Supplies Needed:

1. Hammock- I picked one up at Ross $10 several months ago

2. Rope - Strong enough to hold up the swing. I already had some rope.

3. Board or other material to separate the hammock at the top

Step 2: Construction

Construction is fairly basic.

1. Tie the rope to the tree.

2. Choose a board of suitable length and drill two holes into the ends to run the rope through. The swing will work without the board but it is not as comfortable. I also tried using a piece of PVC I had and it worked fine but it was too short.

3. Run rope through the holes in the board and tie to the hammock as can be seen in the photo.

4. Enjoy your new swing :)



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