Hammock for Cats




Introduction: Hammock for Cats

I made up a couple of hammocks for my cats. The unit is really simple by design an relatively easy to make.

It consists of the frame which, is made from cedar and the cushion which I had made-up by the upholsterers.

The frame is basically two sections which slot inot each other, this was done using a mitre saw, dowl sticks and glue. The unit was designed to have the pillow section detachable and which can be machine washed.

The pillow is made from artificial fur and has a vapuor lining to eliminate the cold comming off the floor.

The cats absolutely love these beds.

Step 1: Dimensions



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    1 year ago

    what is the angle of the miter

    This is a great looking cat hammock. Looks perfectly cozy!

    Do you happen to have any photos of the build process? If you did, those would be great to share so we could see the details of how this came together ;)