Hammock From Rope and Bed Cover for Under 2$



 In this instructable i will show you how to make a hammock using only a rope and a bed cover.  I gaurentee you that this instructable is very reliable and won't fall apart even if the material is very thin.
 If you weight over 45kg use thicker material such as curtains.


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Step 1:


Bed cover for those who weight under 45kg / curtains for those who weight over 45kg.
~Rope [the thicker the better]

Step 2:

Tie a knot on the end bed cover or curtain. Also when you bring your rope over the beam or branch tie a knot so the rope will not just come off.

Step 3:

Do as shown in picture. Then repeat step 2&3 on the other side.

Step 4:

 Now enhoy your hammock......

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