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Introduction: Hamster Air Conditioning System

About: IT guy with DIY as a hobby ;)

This year we have quite hot summer here in PL. Temperature reaches +38 degrees celsius or even more. Some people stays at home during day or at noon because of high temperature.
At home we have a hamster (The Djungarian hamster) which used to live in a bit colder conditions. Sweetie (Sweet? - her name) looks tired in such temperatures.

I thought that i could do something with that. Then H.A.C.S system idea was born ...

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Step 1: What Do We Need for H.A.C.S

We have to take a look into "will be useful later" things box, and take some things from ,to create Hamster Air Conditioning System ;)

Do not confuse with British HACS ;)

We will need :

- 1x ice cream box - any taste you like - you should make it empty for this project ;)

- 1x old 12V PC fan

- 1x paper tube - from paper towels

- switch (on/of) - any type

- 2x 18650 Li-Ion - used accu (from old laptop battery)

- 2x 18650 battery holder

- some wires and if you wish a connector (not obligatory) - in my version a pair of XT-60 (i have a lot of this because i`m RC modeler)

- 4x screws for fan

You will need some tools too:

- sharp knife or scalper

- hot glue

- soldering iron

- screwdriver

Step 2: Let`s Do Some Wiring

We have to connect :

fan,switch and 2x batterries like on screen.

I hope it is quite simple and don`t need more comprehensive description.

XT-60 connector is optional. You can solder wires directly to switch and to fan wires.

Step 3: Cut and Drill

1.Take acover from ice box.
2. Cut a hole according to PC fan size

3. Drill 4 little holes for screws

4. Cut a hole regarding to paper pipe size in a corner

5. Screw the fan on the other (top) side

6. Cut paper pipe with knife to the needed shape (regarding to hamster`s cage)

7. Glue all paper pipe parts together.

8.and glue it using glue gun to ice box cover hole in corner.

Step 4: Assemble

Now you have fully equipped top cover and lower box for ice or for frozen cooling insert.

In my case i took frozen insert from mobile cooling ice box - see picture.

1.Put insert or ice in box

2. Cover it with "equipped" cover top.

3. Assign HACS system to hamster`s cage

4. power it ON

Taaaaadaaaaam !

Step 5: A/C in Hamster`s Apartment

Now hot air flows through the ice or frozen insert , and goes to hamter`s apartment through paper pipe.

Don`t worry ! Hamster will not freeze and will not have icicles on the mustache ;)

Air temperature is just a little lower than room temperature.

Just cold enough to feel better during that hot summer days.

Step 6: Happy End and Happy Little Fellow

Now Sweetie is not searching for fresh air in cage holes. She just falls asleep under H.A.C.S pipe output ;)

Looks calm and happy ;)

Sleep well little fellow !

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    2 years ago

    Aww she's so cute! That was a good idea, she looks happy :)