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This hamster cage is connected with the main cage with blue tunnels.I made this for my hamsters Chubbie, Tubbie and Newbornie.They are all girls. There are two cages in the picture. I put them separately. Two in one cage and the other one alone. Because the two big girl hamsters attacked the little girl hamster 'Newbornie'. Since last December, they have been our family.My youngest daughter Ange got an award from school and requested me to have hamsters. She always wanted to have a dog but I didn't allow to.

Anyway, we went to a pet store and adopted three hamsters instead of a dog.Now, we are really satisfied with that. By the way, I made all these stuffs with my daughters and it is still processing. I really love them. They are really important family members to us.

Step 1: Hamster Cage Style1, Style2

Hamster Cage Style1 - Steel Shelf Hack

Materials ( The price is for two cages )

1. Prepare a steel black shelf. ( $ 62 / 62,000 Won)

I bought 600mm x 400mm x 1500mm and I separate them into two.

This product is adjustable for the height.

2. Two acrylic panel for lifting up door ( $ 18 / 18,000 Won )

(590mm x 590mm x 2~3mm)

2_1.two black steel handle ( $ 6 / 6000 Won )

2_2. Plastic glass rails for the door ( $ 1.7 / 1,700 Won )

3. Four Stainless Steel Wire Barbecue Grill for the side of the shelf ( $ 8 / 8 000 Won )

4. Two MDF board for back side ( $10 / 10,000 Won)
(590mm x 590mm)
4_1. Make a hole for the hamster tunnel. The diameter is 60mm. ( The shop assistant offered to do it for free.)

6. LED bar with aluminum radiant heat panel. It is covered with epoxy resins with 12V DC adapter. ( $7 / 7000 Won)

( LED bar with aluminum panel 80cm : $ 18 / 18,000 Won ) - * RGB Color LED Module ( $13 / 13,000 Won ) is optional.

Hamster Cage Style2 - IKEA Raskog kitchen trolley Hack


- Aluminum tube

- Two stainless steel wire barbeque grill

- 8 round magnets (diameter 12mm)

- Hamster tube

1. Bend the two wire barbeque grills with monkey spanner to fit for sidewards of the trolley.

2. Cut the aluminum tubes by sizes to fix the wire barbeque grills.

3. Glue the magnets on the acrylic boards.

4. Connect the hamster tubes from the top cage to the bottom cage.

5. Make a hole for the external food supply equipment and connect it.

Step 2: Make Hamster Play Stuffs With Various Kinds of Recyclable Matierials


1. Overhead light - CD, plastic cup, fishing rod ( I made this from Instructables.com)
2. Two story climbing house - Popsicles, MDF wood panels, branches, art clay, stones
3. Round table - Abalone shells, 2 CDs
4. Food - Sweet potato sprouts , Plate, Water
5. Hamster octagonal wheel - Popsicles, one bolt (80mm)and 3 nuts , 2 CDs , 4 hinges, 2 bearings
6. Bedding - Wool
7. Solar power fan - 1 electric Motor ,wires, 2 recharge batteries, 1 diod 1N5819 , 1 panneau solaire ( I made this from Instructables.com)

8. Etc. Glue, Scissors, cutter, cubic stickers

* How to make Hamster octagonal wheel

1. Decide the hamster wheel size ( Diameter : 180mm ~ 220mm)

- Draw the shape with computer illustrate program and print.
- Put the parts on the paper and assemble and glue the pieces together accurately. ( check the size and spaces with the ruler. )

1) Make main wheel two octagonal shapes

2) Connect the bridges with 3 big popsicle (width:54mm)
3) Fill the spaces with popsicles.
4) Make the support fixture with heavy things ( for example, hinges )

* I am working 3D printing with google sketchup 2016.

I hope I could print and upload as soon as possible.

Step 3: CCTV


1. USB Webcam
2. Computer
3. Program: Webcam Home CCTV http://Webcamxp.com

You can find the manual easily in the YOUTUBE.


1. Use smartphone as a server
2. Program: IPwebcam smartphone server application
3. CCTV server application https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.pas.webcam&hl=en

You can find the manual easily in the YOUTUBE, too.



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    3 years ago

    Thank you for your kind comment!
    Now I have a plan to make 3D printing for the wheel with my daughter!
    My hamsters ride this very well all night long even now!
    I will edit and upload some movie soon :)