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Introduction: Han Solo Cardboard Blaster With Magnetic Display Board

About: Living in Berlin Germany and working as a 2d/3d Illustrator and Animator for 20+ years. I am very happy when i can take my eyes of the Screen.I Love building stuff from material that would normaly be describ...

This is my Cardboard take on the Han Solo Blaster DL-44 from Star Wars Episode IV.

To display the Blaster properly I build a magnetic Frame / Display Board, witch lets you attach and detach the Sculpture without any kind of visible elements (when the gun is on the board).

The whole DL-44 is just made from Cardboard, Paper (for the Barrel and the Scope) and glue. For the display Board I used Cardboard,wrapping Paper, Glue, three Magnets, cord and Spray Paint.

I try to use as little as Possible tools on my Models. This keeps the investment, if you try to build it yourself, at a reasonable level.

Step 1: Time Lapse Time ; )

A Video says more than a thousand Word. So this Video shows the whole building process start to finish. It is quit long, but to show it all there was no way around it.

Step 2: Finally "The Magnetic Display Board"

Here I talk about why I needed to build the display board and then show some closeups of it, with and without the Blaster attached. This is followed by a Time Lapse of the complete process.

I hope you could get something out of this "Presentation"

I would love to hear what you think about it.

Best wishes from Berlin, Germany

The End.



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    oh my god this is amazing the only thing that beats this is the original from the cantina scene

    1 reply

    You're a master of cardboard! I like that you did it by hand without any laser printer or things like that as many people these days. Perfect project!

    2 replies

    Very true! I too think peps are over rated. There so much human mind can do!


    2 years ago

    force awaken really have awaken our craft ideas! I did my fair share of cardboard paper craft. Nicely done! I am doing a 3d print

    Project for the contest... If I didn't learn 3d graphics, I might as well be building the same gun as you do! Haha

    A 40 min. "time laps" ? the presentation wasn't very helpful.

    Thanks. I took some design liberties, but overall it is recocnisable.