Hand Burnt Beer Types Bottle Opener





Introduction: Hand Burnt Beer Types Bottle Opener

I saw a bottle opener very similar to this at a department store and thought it was really cool, but very much overpriced and definitely not worth buying -- though definitely worth making myself.

What You Need:

- Small piece of wood (I used Poplar)

- Woodburning Kit

- Paper

- Graphite Paper

- Mountable Bottle Opener

- Polyurethane

Step 1: Copy - Print - Tape - Trace

1. Decide what beers to be displayed and type them out

2. Select a preferred font

3. Center on page

4. Test font sizes to see what it appropriate for your piece of wood

5. Make a print out

6. Tape on the top of the wood, centered

7. Place graphite paper under print out

8. Trace with a ball point pen

Step 2: Burn the Wood

1. Once the beer types are traced onto the wood, beginning using a wood burning tip to outline each letter

2. Take your time, and have fun!

3. When finished burning the beer types into the wood, use a router to curve or decorate the edges of the wood

4. Sand edges to prepare for finish

Step 3: Finishing the Produce

1. Once sanded, use a brush or rag to apply a coat of finish (polyurethane) to the entire piece of wood

2. Repeat once dry (3x) (4 total coats for high gloss protection)

3. Find center point of wood in order to mount bottle opener

4. Mount bottle opener

5. Place on wall, fridge, etc however you so choose

6. Brag about how awesome your bottle opener is compared to others



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    3 Discussions

    I have seen similar bottle openers to this, and I really like them. I'd like to suggest adding a magnet within the wood to catch your bottle caps! Adds another "wow" factor to it. Especially when you made it. Nice Instructable!

    very nice...add a neodymium magnet for the magic.

    This is a beautiful bottle opener. Much better looking than if you were to just attach it to the wall. Thanks for sharing!