Hand Carved Tonfas. (No Power Tools Involved)

About: What should I say...? I need more Tools !!

In the world of Woodworking nowadays powertools are almost always involved. Working with wood in the outside its a growing pleasure to me.And what better to build with your own hands the weapons that will help you in the outside to survive. Hope you like it , rated and vote.


Sometimes the lack of power tools left us no choice when we want to craft and deal with Woodworking.But that´s not my case. Thankfully I got the solution to all my prayers in my right hand. I´ll show you how to deal with a piece of hard wood that none Joiner wnats to face.

Step 2: Rounding.

Without a late outside, I was forced to try with ancient methods. In my garage leftovrrs was remained an old pallet, that was made with a rare class of hard wood. Once I gave to a woodwoker and he refused to work with it in the klate, he said that was a so f.. hard class of wood. Then I tried to round the wood with my machete. and the results was so good.I smooth the whole surface with Rough Sand paper and then finnest sand paper.

Step 3: The Handle.

In the making of the hole for glue the tonfa`s handle I used my old hand drill.Make the hole, then make the hole a scuare shape.Carve the handle and glue it to the big dovel.



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