Hand Crank Generator School Science Project

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Recently got the idea of using a geared motor for robot in reverse to light up fun toys.

My kid also wanted a project to showcase in school science fair.

So designed this easy project for him to showcase.

Parts used:

Motor: https://amzn.to/2CEAiLl

Fairy Lights: https://amzn.to/2pjw2hh

Basic soldering skill

Glue gun

Card stock for the base and the home.

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Step 1: Make It

The fairy light is battery operated. So it is easier.

Just cut and remove the battery holder. Strip the wire endings for the insulation and solder to the motor endings.

Doing this you are almost done making the project.

For the house get a print of the attached pdf cut and glue.

I did the gluing mostly with a glue gun.

This project took me around 3 hours to make.

You can see the working of the project in the video in step 1.

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