Hand Crank Phone Charger

Introduction: Hand Crank Phone Charger

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This instructable is showing how to charge a cell phone with a crank powered flash light. All you need is a car phone charger, a crank flash light and some tools. Basically all your gonna do is open up the flash light and solder the positive and negative wires from the car charger to the correct positive and negative connector in the crank flash light.

can get a crank light here

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Step 1: Supplies and Tools

car cell phone charger

crank powered flash light

solder gun


something to cut hole for cell cable coming out of the case

Step 2: Open the Cranck Flash Light

For the crank flash light I used there was three screws that i had to take out to open it up. Once it is open you will see the motor inside. In the light I used there was a green and red that go to the light. When cranking this charges the light. Your going to need to know which is the positive and negative wires coming from your charger. There are differenet ways to figure this out. I had a 12 volt battery that I plugged an old phone into then touched the two wires to the positive and negitive to see if the phone chargers if it chargers mark which wire is connected to red (positive). Simple strip the wires and solder them onto the connections.

Step 3: Finishing

once you have your + and - wires soldered to the motor your going to cut a notch out of the plastic so that car cell phone cable can come out of the case with case still closing. I just used a exato knife and cut a groove where the cable naturally was coming out of the side of the case.

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    3 Discussions


    2 years ago

    I did this a few years ago, but the problem I ran into was the cell phone battery feeding back to the DC motor that's being used as a generator and running it like the motor that it is. would it be a good idea to use a diode or two to make sure the current goes only one direction, from the generator to the phone and not from the phone to the generator?

    Gomi no Sensei
    Gomi no Sensei

    4 years ago

    You could also replace that tiny torch battery with any old cellphone battery to get 5x the standby time out of the LEDs.


    5 years ago

    Or you cold be lazy and go on eBay and buy one for 1.99. I bought a blue one for that price and shipped in 2 days