Hand Dowel (Arrow Shaft) Maker - With No Power Tools




Introduction: Hand Dowel (Arrow Shaft) Maker - With No Power Tools

Many times have i wanted to make dowels for arrow shafts,and lets admit it all the tutorials on youtube are using power tools in the process of making the dowels,so i needed something that i can make only with hand tools , now anyone can do it. :)

Step 1: Needed Tools and Stuff

Stuff needed:
-Little block of wood
-Some sand paper

Tools needed:
-Hand Drill (Or anything else needed for poking holes)
-Sand paper

Sorry for not having real images of the tools,my camera sucks :P

Step 2: Making of the Dowel Maker

First you take your block of wood and cut it into a rectangle,after that in the middle you drill a hole a little bigger than you want your dowel to be.Next you take your sanding paper and cut it into a rectangle so it can be put in the wood when rolled.Then put a little glue to the sides of the sand paper and roll the sand paper into the wood.Leave it to dry.

Step 3: Using the Maker

To use the maker simply take a wooden stick and move it up and down in the dowel maker,that will cause the stick to become round making it a dowel.

I hope this tutorial helped , now go and make some dowels :D

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    4 years ago

    hi my name is erik, im looking to buy some tools or anything to help me make straight and near perfect arrow shafts