Hand Drawing How To




Introduction: Hand Drawing How To

This Instructables will teach you how to do a hand drawing.

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Step 1: Outline of Hand

Sketch a box with lines that overlap. Draw these lines lightly so, they are erasable. The size of the box will depend on how big you want the hands to be. You will use your ruler to get straight lines. The tools you will use is a pencil and a ruler.

Step 2: Outline of Fingers

Sketch ovals for fingers in the box. Make the thumb oval sideways on an angle pointing outward to the left, then make a short one upward, finally make it angled downward to the right. For the first finger, do not make it going over the thumb ovals, stop it when you hit it to make it look like it is going behind. Then make a short one that stops at the bottom thumb oval. For the middle finger, it will be the largest one. It will consist of three straight up-and-down ovals. For the ring finger, you want to make three up-and-down ovals, and about 1/3 smaller. For the pinky you want to make one oval 1/3 smaller than the ring finger. With all of these you will put them beside each other. The tools you will use for this is a pencil.

Step 3: Defining Lines and Erasing Sketched Lines

You want to outline you hand in a thick dark line. After you do you this you want to erase the sketched lines. Then you want to draw the wrist. By doing this you will want the hand to have an open bottom, and then draw two straight up-and-down thick lines. Where you had it open you want to draw about 1/4 in where the thumb goes in. On that opposite you want to draw about a 1/5 in. The tools you will use for this is a pencil and eraser.

Step 4: Detail

You want to start on the nails. For the thumb you want to draw half an oval diagonally. For the rest of the fingers you want to draw ovals on the bottom, to be more precise, where the fingers meet the palm. After this you want to go back and add the knuckles. For the knuckles, you want to draw three lines on each finger besides the thumb. You want to draw these lines faintly and about 1/2 way away from the nail, or the middle of each finger. For these lines you want to alternate between the bottom one on the right side, then one in the middle above it, and then one to the left side. The tools you will use for this is a pencil.

Step 5: Shading, Color, and Signature

For shading you are going to want to do cross hatching where the thumb meets the fingers, and in-between each of the fingers. You will do this by drawing miniscule x’s close together, and you will want to do this darkly. You will want to do this in the nail beds as well. You will want to do this to make the nails pop out more. Then you want to take a blending stump and blend the cross-hatching. For color, you will want to chose a skin colored-colored pencil. You will make the color light and darker in areas that are close to the edge. At the end you will add your signature. The tools you will need are a pencil, colored pencil, and blender stump.

Step 6: Tools You Will Need

  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Ruler
  • Blender Stump
  • Colored Pencils

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    2 years ago

    A hand is a good model for drawing, it is always at hand.

    DIY Hacks and How Tos

    Great tutorial. I hope that you will share more in the future.