Hand Free Faucet or Pedal Faucet or Water Saver Tap

Introduction: Hand Free Faucet or Pedal Faucet or Water Saver Tap

This is a cheap and simple method of converting an exiting faucet into hand-free (hygienic) faucet.

Doctors need it for hygienic purposes

Or in kitchen use

Also similar employees for Hand-free, for washing both hands at same time and save water

It is a 50% or more water saver

Easy Conversion of existing system

Cheap and easy to achieve from home supplies.

Very easy to maintain.

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Step 1: Keep the Valve Liver in Closed Position Using Elastic or Spring

Locate the existing angle cock(valve) below the basin.

Keep the valve liver in closed position(horizontal) in the case of my picture.

Retain it at that position using a spring or elastic tension material.

See picture of Slingshot best source of stronger rubber band !!!

Rubber band or similar strong elastic material enough to hold (retain)the valve liver up (horizontal).

Weight system can also be used.You may need a pulley wheel.

Get tiny pulley from curtain supplies for changing the direction of force !!!.

Step 2: Now You Want a String and Pedal to Open the Valve by Foot

At this stage your Tap is in closed position

If you try to open it will go back to closed position !!!.

Now you want a string to tie on the cock liver to pull down and open the valve.

Buy angling nylon string or use what similar item available at home.

The pedal is to be added at the other end of the string on floor level ( see picture)

Pedal can be wooden or plastic or aluminium !!! Wet area use of non corrosive materials.

Use a kitchen utility shown picture form your kitchen, stainless steel is ok.

For aesthetic reason you can make one pedal from plastic material(see Picture)

Step 3: Go and Apply Everywhere and Save Water !

Now You are ready to use this system idea at home and save water.

for aesthetic reason you can make foot pedal with plastic board.

Step 4: See Minute Details on Actual Working Unit

See minute details on actual working unit in this video.

Download Play Pause and study

Step 5: This Is a Short Video of a Working Unit

This is a short video of a working unit

Download and review for real feel.

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