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okay this is simple yet really fun to do. I'll try my hardest to explain everything i do and include the things used and the .psd i used. if you are not even remotely familiar with Photoshop you're going to have a hard time but if you at least know the basics to photo manipulation then this will be easy. 

also leave a comment down below if you need any help.

THINGS you'll need:

the  .psd is on my deviant art 
and the water splash brushes are here 
and all the other things are down below

Step 1: Rendering

Rendering is the process  in which the subject is removed from its background. the best way to do this is to zoom in and use the pen tool to remove the background as shown in my picture example.  I like to make small selection using the pen tool then going back and erasing the extra background using the lasso tool.
 the reason to render out your subject is to make it easier to work with just the subject and not have to worry about the background messing things up.
start by using the pen tool after you selection is made you will need to right click then there will be a choice "make selection" then where it says feather give it a feather of 1 press okay and then hit the delete button.

Step 2: Separating the Finger From the Hand

okay this is an easy step just use the square selection tool and get the finger tip then hit the v key or click the move tool and move it .

Step 3: Making Ripped Finger

okay the first thing you must do is create a mask from your hand and finger tip by going to "layer" at the top menu then go to layer mask and while selecting the finger layer click on "from Transparency" and bam a mask. Select the mask on the layer panel and changing the brush color to black now using the blood brushes included in the intro use and brush you see fit to remove the skin and make it look ripped by the way you may have to click multiply times due to the settings of the brush. Next you'll want to get a normal hard brush and make the color white and cover the little specks in till you just have the ripped edge. then erase any etra left over skin that isn't part of the rip.

Step 4: Meat Exploison

i had no idea what to call it's step, but it is really easy basically place the picture of meat under it then you will go to "image and turn the brightness down to -50% then go to where layers are and where the tiny icons are there is an icon for making mask then taking the fill tool while the mask is selected on the layer panel then fill the image with black. After applying the mask use the different water brush i linked for download and adjust the size and change its color to white then rotate it to the angle you then repeat the step for the other side.

Step 5: Adjustments

okay create an adjustment layer (if you don't know how go to the youtubes) the first layer is going to be photo filter click on the color option then click the colored square and go to were a code is at the bottom and enter this yellow d7d370 with a density of 31%.
then the next one will be a gradient that i upload to the intro it will be the blue one use that one. The settings set the gradient to radial then drag from the center then make the angle be 40 then click the check box reverse and then click okay.

Step 6: Final Touch Up

on the finger layer click the burn tool and start to burn the edges that are facing slightly down use the example picture to see do for both finger parts. Now with that layer still selected make a cure layer adjustment then make it a clipping mask layer by right clicking the curve layer then look for the "create clipping mask" option. the settings for this click on on the grid to create a point then change the first on to 67, 55 and then the next point 176, 208 and bam you are finished enjoy.

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