Hand-Held Go-Pro Mount From Your Garage




Introduction: Hand-Held Go-Pro Mount From Your Garage

I know, my family has a Go-pro and its very awkward holding your pocket sized, action camera while fimling. So, how did i solve this problem, with my Hand-Held Go-pro mount made out of things you can find in your garage.

What you'll need:
-PVC Pipe (as long as you will want the handle to be)
-5mm Bolt
-5mm Nut
-5mm Washer
-Lock Washer
-Some sort of Foam or Cusion
-Hockey/Lacrosse stick Grip Tape
-Go-Pro Piviot arm

-Hack Saw
-5mm Drill Bit

-Spray Paint

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Step 1: Hand-Held Go-Pro Mount From Your Garage

For the handle you'll want to think about what you'll be using this mount for. For instance if you're taking thin mount snorkeling or swimmy you'll probably want a shorter handle. If you're only going to use this mount as a tri-pod you'll oviously going to want to cut your PVC pipe longer so it can stand on the ground while you can still acsess all of the buttons. But since all be using my mount for a bunch of different and random things I decided to cut to about 8 Inches.

So heres what you'll do in this step:
1. Cut to your choice of length with a hack saw
2. File down the rough edges
3. (Optional) Paint your handel (I painted mine white just because it was a little dirty)

Step 2: Drilling the Hole

For this step you'll want to postion the Go-pro piviot arm in a potion where the piviont arm can be acsessed enough so you can still attach your Go-pro.

IMPORTANT: make sure you drill straight through the pipe!

So here's what you'll do in this step:
1. Find where you will drill your hole
2. Drill the hole with your 5mm drill bit
3. File around the hole so your bolt fits in the hole smoothly

Step 3: The Grip

This step is the easiest one there is. All you have to do is put on your Hockey/Lacrosse stick grip tape.

So here's what'll do in this step:
1. Put on your grip tape in anyway you want or find comfrotable

Step 4: Inserting Your Piviot Arm

Next, depending on the width of your PVC pipe your Piviot arm may wobble around so what I did to prevent this was added some foam around the piviot arm so it was a real tight fit.

Step 5: Put Everything Together

So here's what you'll do in this step:
1. Insert piviot arm with foam in the pipe
2. Insert the 5mm bolt through the hole
3. Put on washer-then lock washer-then nut
4. Screw on Go-pro

And now you have Hand-held Go-pro mount from out  of your garage!

Hope you liked this instructable!

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    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    I guess you could stick the pipe in the groun, add elbow to the end so you can have the Go-pro facing a different angle, or you can hold it. Not sure if that wanders your question ,sorry if it dosen't.