Hand Made Ice Cream Pinata for Your Ice Cream Party

Introduction: Hand Made Ice Cream Pinata for Your Ice Cream Party

In the summers, an ice cream theme party is the best way to beat the heat and celebrate your child’s birthday. Here is handmade ice cream pinata to make decorations more exciting and make party more fun.

This is a beautiful ice cream pinata made of paper mache, make it at-least a week prior to the party as majority of the steps require drying time.

Supplies needed:

  1. Balloon
  2. Candy or pinata fillers
  3. 1-Cup flour
  4. 2 Cups water
  5. Crepe Paper & Wax Paper
  6. Packaging tape & Masking tape
  7. ¼ - Glue & Glue stick
  8. Rope or String
  9. Poster Board
  10. Old newspaper
  11. Knife
  12. Coffee Filter
  13. Masking Tape

Step 1:

In a large bowl, combine flour, water & glue for making an adhesive mixture. Mix well to avoid any lump pieces.

Step 2:

Tear the old newspaper into 2-inch pieces, no perfection is required.

Step 3:

Bring poster board and cut it into half in length. Then roll it to create a cone like shape and secure it using packaging tape.

Step 4:

Blow up the balloon and carefully use that to measure the opening of the cone. Trim the top of the cone accordingly to make it leveled.

Step 5:

Now cover the cone in wax paper, this poster board and wax paper can be removed later. Use wax paper only in the bottom and top of the cone.

Step 6:

Let’s start the paper mache process, take 2-inch newspaper pieces one by one, dip them into the adhesive mixture, and start placing them on the cone. Cover the entire cone from top to bottom and let it dry.

Step 7:

You can repeat the process for making 2nd layer and 3rd layer. You can keep minimum 2 layers and maximum 3 layers. More than 3 layers, will be difficult for kids to break open the pinata.

Step 8:

Let it dry for good 24 hours, you can let it dry overnight and carefully remove poster board and wax paper in the morning from inside of the cone.

Step 9:

Blow the balloon and place it on top of the cone. Place the cone in a large vase and then paper mache the ice cream in the same way we did for cone. You can do 3 layers. Let it dry for at-least 24 hours or overnight.

Step 10:

With the help of a knife, cut an opening flap from 3 sides, once the ice cream part of the pinata is all dry. The moment you cut the opening, it will burst the balloon. Remove the balloon and ensure opening is big enough to accommodate your hand to place fillers later.

Step 11:

Fill the inside of the pinata with candies, crepe paper and other fillers. So that all candy doesn’t settle at the bottom.

Step 12:

With the same knife, cut an X at the top of the ice cream for the string. Thread the rope through the hole and tightly tie a knot on the inside of the pinata, to make it stronger you may double knot it.

Step 13:

Tape the three side-opening flap using the masking tape.

Step 14:

Cut out the bottoms of the coffee filter to easily use the ruffled sides. Using glue sticks, stick coffee filters to the cone part of the pinata, cover the layer from bottom up.

Step 15:

When you reach ice cream part of the pinata, cover it using the crepe paper.

Step 16:

Now your Beautiful handmade ice cream pinata is ready to rock the party.

Step 17:

Explore more ice cream party ideas to host a perfect ice cream theme party.

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