Hand Painted Cashmere Scarves




Introduction: Hand Painted Cashmere Scarves

I am a textile chemist. And i love to to do experiment on textiles using various dyeing and print...

Hand painting on cashmere is a bit difficult task. I have tried to explain it. Kindly watch the video and let me know your comment.

Step 1: Make Dye Paste

First, make the dye paste using printing gum and urea

Step 2: Draw the Outlines

Define the outline of shape using appropriate tools. We can use washable stuff like pencil, chalk etc. Here i have placed flex print under the scarf.

Step 3: Start Painting

Start painting by using the brush. Fill the predefined areas.

Step 4: Leave It for Drying.

After finishing the painting leave it for drying.



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    After finishing the paintings. They are dried and steamed. After steaming dyes become the part of the fiber. And they can be washed. Sorry, I forgot to mention that step (STEAMING) but my video posted above step 1 explains the whole process.