Hand Painted Deadmau5 Shoes (Mens Size 12)

Introduction: Hand Painted Deadmau5 Shoes (Mens Size 12)

These are custom hand painted Deadmau5 shoes in men's size 12
Materials required: black, red, yellow, blue, purple, white, and green paint (acrylic works best), white vans, a bag of cheap paint brushes (can be purchased at walmart for about 2$ ), sharpie pens, spray can sealer, mechanical pencil, eraser, and a tape measure. I first sketched the design lightly with a pencil, that way if you mess up you can easily erase it with an eraser. Word of advice though try not to use the eraser  to often because it can ruin the material of the shoe if too much pressure is applied on the same spot (especially on canvas shoes). After I sketched the design I  used a tape measure to make 1 inch marks all around the shoe creating a checkered pattern which I used as a foundation for my bar graph design on the bottom. Once I finished tracing and outlining the design, I painted over areas that needed color, and then sprayed sealer all over the design to prevent color fading.

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