Hand Rubber Band Shooter

Introduction: Hand Rubber Band Shooter

My brother and I used to have rubber band shooting contests when we were bored, of course he would always win. But a couple weeks ago he told me his secret to aim and shooting: A Hand rubber band gun. I tried it out and it was the best success I had ever had!

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Step 1: Matrials

1 rubber band

Step 2: Placement

Firstly: Lay your hand flat and put the rubber band over your fifth finger (pinky finger)

Secondly: pull your hand up and bend your pinky finger

Tip: if you want this to work as nicely as possible, the rubber band should be the size of the dent in your palm (the lower part)

Refer to the pictures!

Step 3: Forming It

Pull on the rubber band and hold your pinky finger tight to your hand like in the first picture.

Wrap it around the lowest part of your thumb (right where your wrist connects to your hand)

If you want the best results, the end of the rubber band (the end that's trapped in between your finger) should be

on the farthest left bend in your finger (it's hard to explain, look at the 3rd picture for better details

Step 4: Put It to Work

Once you have wrapped it around your wrist, put your thumb straight up in the air as far as it goes, pull it up (hard) to your pointer finger and hook it there in a stable position like in the second picture shown. If it slides, I recommend doing it again because it probably is not correct. Keep your thumb in that position!

Aim it at something a little lower than the target (it usually goes a small bit higher than what you point it at) and release your hooked pinky finger.

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