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I have been using this type of saw blade guard for years, it's simple, cheap, durable and easy to use.

It is a piece of flexible fiber optic or electrical conduit.

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Step 1: Materials

The flexible conduit I used was from dumpster dives (Free)

The Orange type (fiber optic use) is much more flexible then the gray electrical type since it is for interior use only, whereas the Electrical is for interior and exterior use.

You will need a sharp knife or heavy duty shears to cut the slot in the conduit.

Step 2: What the Slot Looks Like

In the photo where my fingers are, shows what the self closing slot looks like.

Step 3: On the Blade

The guard easily comes off the blade, turn the slot to the opposite side from the blades teeth and pull the guard away.

To put the guard on slide it on with the slot on the opposite side from the blades teeth and it encompasses the whole blade.

On hand saws it just slides on and off.

JUST a NOTE of warning hand saw blades can be very SHARP.

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    3 years ago

    That's a really good Idea, You might be able to make these out of pool noodles too

    1 reply
    john pedersenYonatan24

    Reply 3 years ago

    Thank you yonatan24, The pool noodle could work, but it wouldn't be very durable and blade could poke through.


    Thank you dmwatkins, I especially like how the guard protects the swede /buck saw blade, it has saved me from a lot of nicks and cuts!