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Introduction: Hand Sewn Bag

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If you're like me, you have a giant box of scrap fabric sitting in your closet. If you're not like me, you have something to do with it. Understood? Let's begin.

Step 1: Materials, Please!

For this sewing endeavor, you'll need:

#1 a scrap of fabric, size depending on what you'll use the bag for (any size bigger than 6 in. squared works)

#2 matching thread (or, if you're daring, non-matching thread)

#3 sewing scissors (preferably ones that haven't been dulled by paper)

#4 a needle (I prefer ones with giant eyes, they're easier to thread)

#5 sewing pins (the bigger and brighter the head, the better)

#6 optional: one thimble (not shown)

These are the bare necessities, but if you want you can add buttons, handles, etc.

Step 2: Prepare to Sew

This is the time to decide what your hand sewn bag will be used for. They will work for any number of things. I personally like these ideas:

*Pencil Bag (more convenient than a pencil case, to me)

*Gift Bag (especially for retro gifts)

*Pool Bag (could work, if the bag is big enough)

*Marble Bag (or other small toys, such as jacks)

*Makeup bag

To be honest, I guess this is just a bag, and can really be used for anything (between you and me, the main point of making this bag is to make it)

picture 1: First, choose how big you want your bag to be, depending on what you plan to use it for. Then cut two identical pieces of fabric. Do this by folding your fabric in half, and then cutting it to the desired size (a rectangle works best). Make one of the sides of the rectangle the place where the fabric is folded.

pictures 2-3: Next, put pins all along two of the sides that are open. The third side will be the opening of the bag (make sure you pin inside out, as the picture shows)

picture 4: Now thread your needle with a long thread. You are ready to begin sewing.

Step 3: Sewing Time!

Now you'll actually put your bag together (of course, you can do this all by machine, if you so wish).

picture 1: First, you'll need to start sewing down the side seam of your bag. Make sure the beginning of the thread is tied off, then start sewing!

picture 2: method one- ordinary stitch. Sew all the way down the seam, stitch by stitch. Great practice if you need to work on making your stitches smaller and more even

picture 3: method two- running stitch. Gather fabric on the needle, as shown in the picture, and then pull the needle through (both of these methods work, and don't be concerned if your stitches are less than gorgeous, because they'll be on the inside)

picture 4: As you're sewing down the seam, remove pins and return them to your pincushion (remember, the pins are only there to keep the two pieces of fabric in place)

Finish sewing both of the seams, tying them off at the end, and clip your threads.

picture 5: Once you're done sewing, clip off any extra fabric next to the seams, so it's not bulky when you've turned it right side out.

picture 6: Moment of of truth...turn your bag right side out. Good job!

Step 4: Finishing Touches

Now you're almost through.

picture 1: it is now time to iron the seams of your bag. This an important step, so don't skip it.

picture 2: Make sure your iron is on the correct setting for your material.

picture 3: This is the reason you're ironing. It doesn't look pretty, and it won't work very well.

Put your fingers on the inside of the seam and push out, so that you can see the line of the seam clearly, as in picture 4. Don't expect it to stay yet though, that's what the ironing is for!

picture 4: Start pressing the seam out with the iron, bit by bit. If it works on your material, use steam. This is what it will look like when you're done.

If you, want you can be done now, but I decided to add a closing ribbon to mine. Here's how to do it.

picture 5: This the ribbon I found. Isn't it cute? Try to choose a ribbon that is practical, and will work for tying.

Place your bag down flat on a hard surface, then cut a length of ribbon that is twice the width of the bag (if it's too long, you can clip it later). Then center the ribbon on the bag, until both sides coming off the edge go out the same amount. Then sew to small seams near the very edge of the bag (you can sew through both sides, because if it's near the seam the opening will still be big enough) then tie them off. You can now close your bag.

picture 6: Finished product! This is a really quick and useful bag. I used mine for yarn. You have now completed your hand sewn bag!

Please post any questions or comments below. Thank you for using my instructable!

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