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Introduction: Hand Towel Holder

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After moving into a rental property and discovering there was no hand towel holder installed in the bathroom. Because I am renting and pretty much broke I went on instructables to see if I could find a cheap alternative. I did not find one that would work, but I did get an idea.

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Step 1: Gather Items

A child size plastic hanger A screw (Long enough to go thru hanger and into wall) A drill Wire snips Pliers Razor knife Drill Drill bits Screw driver

Step 2: Separate Hanger Pieces

Using your razor knife or wire snips carefully separate the hanger body from the hook part. Do so as close to the joint ad possible. Set hook piece aside.

Step 3: Create Riser and Attach to Hanger

Cut a short piece from the remaining hook to serve as a riser to offset hanger from the wall and allow room for the towel. Using the drill and pliers I drilled a pilot hole in the center of the riser while firmly grasping the small piece with the pliers. I then switched bits and drilled the screw into the pilot hole then removed the screw and did the same with the hanger. I then connected the two as shown

Step 4: Attach to Wall

You may consider using a dry wall anchor when attaching but I did not use one at this time. Select a spot and using your drill or screw driver drive the screw and hanger into the spot. Please note as the riser, hanger, & screw are attached make sure the spot you are hanging has enough room to spin the entire assembly otherwise you will have to disassemble then reassemble at the point of install.

Step 5: You're Done

If you have items on hand your cost should be $0 or you can purchase the needed items at the local dollar store.

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