Hand Wraps to Walk on All Fours

Introduction: Hand Wraps to Walk on All Fours

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This very simple project has two inspirations, on the one hand a making of for planet of the apes and on the other hand a documentary about parkour, where the athletes trained among other things by walking on all fours.

Something about the idea of using one's hands in addition to one's feet for walking appeals to me and I thought it would be a nice exercise.

I didn't want to make something as elaborate as the cut off crutches used by the actors in the ape movie, but also wasn't willing to press my palms in the dirt and overstretch my wrists.

Mimicking the gorilla like walk of the movie characters, I found a way for me to benefit from an intense exercise for the whole body, with out straining my wrists, and without getting my hands dirty.

On the first try, I managed to go about one half of one side of a soccer field with these (with pauses).

It's really fun to try different walking stiles. Gorilla, Rabbit, Amble and Sideways.

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Step 1: You Need

10 minutes

a stripe of yoga mat

a bit of velcro fastener tape

a stapler

Step 2: Assembly

Cut two stripes of yoga mat a little broader than the front of your fists and long enough for you to wrap around your hands and still have the part in front of your fists overlapping.

Apply a stripe of velcro fastener on each piece of yoga mat, so that the velcro fastener covers about the length of yoga mat, that you will have in front of your fist. Secure the velcro fastener with a staple on each side.

Put the complementary velcro fastener side on the velcro fastener you already put on the yoga mat, remove the covering tape over the gluing area and wrap the yoga mat around your hads, so that the ends neatly overlap in front of your fists.

carefully open the wraps again and secure the velcro fastener with staples.

Step 3: Usage

I tried waling on the middle part my fingers, like apes do it but found that very very hard and unstable. I think humans with their fist friendly hands are better suited for walking on the front of their fists.

I wrap the hand wraps around my hands and grab them in my fists, so that they cover the front with two layers of yoga mat.

For me trying out new ways to walk and move forward has capt me going with this sort of exercise. Not that i can walk much further than half a soccer field side now.

Thanks for reading


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