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Introduction: Hand Bag /Scarf Holder

Couple of days back I noticed the gift contest coming up.So I did this Unique  Hand bag/Scarf holder  with the scrap fabric.This is some thing very interesting for all the ladies. I am sure most of you all will end up doing this as it is a very useful to hang your hand bags and scarf. I made this for my sister as a  christmas gift,and am more than 100% sure she is going to love it.Luckily she is not on Ibles to  see this before I gift it to her.The size of the  hand bag / scarf holder is 39"x 4 1/2"

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Step 1: Requirements

For the Holder
Measuring tape
Top pins-Not in picture
Clothes hanger

For Gift Box
Wrapping paper
Scotch tape
Measuring tape

Colored papers
Star cutter
Sewing machine-Not in pic

Step 2: Join+Piping

You can decide your length and width of your holder  according to the fabric available and where you want to hang it.
I had two pieces of scrap off white fabric in size of 40"x 3 3/4".Join  both together so it will be doubled and thick.
Out of the pink scrap fabric I cut out 1 1/4" x 80" long piece.I joined at three places as I did not have this amount in length.The join is invisible as it is a printed fabric..I did the piping on both edges.

Step 3: Sew the Strips

To hang the scarf and bags I need to attatch small stripes.So hear is the measurements of the stripes that I cut.
For the scaf I cut 8 pieces in the size of 8"x 3/4".I Folded  this in to two in lengthweis  and sewed a straight stitch 1/4" away from the edge  from  X to Y. For the bag I cut 9 pieces in the size of 3 1/2"x 9" This was also folded in to two and sewed from A to B
Now turn them inside out.Turning these narrow pieces inside out  is  very tricky.I forgot to take some pictures.You could see on the 6th step as how to turn inside out.

Step 4: Attatch the Bands

PIC 1 : Spread out the long off white band on a flat surface and  assembled  the strips as shown in the picture.Then  pin them where you want it to be.I had 8" gap in between the strips.Keep one side of the velcro on top of the band  where it was pinned  and sew on top of it  along with the long fabric together.The other piece of the velcro attatch it to the other end of the band.

PIC 2  :When you fold the long off white band in to two,one side has  4 stripes and the othe side has 5 strips to hang the bags.
PIC 3: Now fold the scarf hanging strips in to two and insert inbetween the long band which is folded to gether.
Sew on all four side  marked x with  the scarf strip together.On the bottom fold in 1/2" inside and on top sew 3/4" away from the fold ,so that there will be a small gap to insert the metal wire.Please refer the pictures to understand better .

Step 5: Cover Metal Wire +Turn Inside Out

I straightened the clothes hanger and cut in to two.Then twisted  the metal wire and covered  the ends with duct tape,so that it does not prick on the ends.Now cut out 1"x 40" piece,(again I had to join ) fold together  do a straight stitch 1/4" away from the  edge.Now turn the long narrow  piece inside out.Here I show you the way to turn them inside out.
On one end of the piece sew double  knot very tightly.Then insert  the needle through from the behind.(pic4)Keep gathering the fabric  and pass  the needle and take it out from the other side.No matter how long and narrow  your fabric is,this is the easiest way to turn them inside out.
Now pull the gathers towards the end where you put the knot,and very slowly try to get the end of the fabric inside by slowly moving the gathers  towards it.You have to be very careful in this, when  you pull the thread from the other side,as  there is a possibility for the thread to break.When it is a joined piece it is a bit too difficult for the first timers,until they get the hang out of it.
Pic 6 showes  the end where the knot was sewn has come out from the other side.Once the end is out ,then there is nothing to worry you can just pull it out straight away .
I guess this is a little bit complicating to read ,so please refer the pictures carefully then you will understand better than  reading this
Last of all insert the metal wire in to this strip and sew up both ends.

Step 6: Insert

Now insert the metal wire on top.You can twist and turn the metal wire according how you want to hang the holder.
The other option is to attatch velcro on top  and paste it around.Then you dont need to use the metal wire.

Step 7: Hang Your Stuffs

Now  hang your stuffs and show off ...   :)
The first picture shows that I have hanged it in my cupboard.The other two pictures shows that it is hanged in my corridor coat rack.
What do you think of this organized bag/scarf holder.

Step 8: Make the Gift Box

I made my own gift box with the cardborad.
Cut out the cardboard in two sizes given  on the picture.One is slightly bigger than the other.This is the cover.My wrapping paper is gold and the wrong side is silver.I prefer the silver and used the wrong side. Now cut a piece of the wrapping paper and paste it  in the middle covering the entire square 7"x 7" on all sides . Now fold up the four sides and  stick them with scotch tape.Now cut out 13.5"x13.5" wrapping papper,lay it flat the golden side facing upwards.Keep one piece of the box and start covering from all sides.Fold in  from one  side and use glue to paste them.Next fold the opposite side and paste.Check the bottom to avoid the creases..Do the other two sides and complete the two parts of the boxes.

Step 9: Make the Bow

I wanted self made bow,so here again I cut out 1"x60" piece.(joined the scraps again)Folded in to two and sewed a straight stitch and turned it inside out.This has to be ironed well with out any creases and sew a top stitch on both sides leaving 1/4" away from the edge.
At both ends I folded inwards to get a V shape.

Step 10: Pack the Gift

Now Iron this unique hand sewed presant ,fold it to fit in to the box,and place it inside.I cut some paper stars with the star cutter and sprinkle inside.Address the card as well and place it on top,and cover it.

Step 11: Tie the Bow

Refer the pictures to tie the bow.It is easy and don't you think it is worth making your own unique gift with your own ideas?
Please caste your votes for this nice Ible.
Thank you for taking time to view my Ibles.

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    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you and best of luck to you too.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    This is awesome.What an idea.So easy to grab the bag /scarf every morning when I had to rush to work.No more digging in the closet.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Wow! It took nine days to feature this lovely project.Am happy now :) :)


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for viewing it.The main picture is not very clear to see how it is.Will update some better pitures tomorrow ,have look please.

    husna fazeen
    husna fazeen

    7 years ago on Introduction

    This is very well done!...it's perfect for my bags! thanks for posting :-)


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks! I have just updated a little bit on the pictures.Surprised that it is not featured :( :(

    Oooh, this is nice! Right now I just have all of my purses shoved into one another in the back of my closet. This is much nicer!