Hand-crank Fan for Keeping Cool in the Summer




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A fan made from a hand powered flashlight and an R/C helicopter. This fan provides a pleasant breeze to the user in exchange for some light cranking.

Step 1: The Flashlight

I unscrewed the screws on the outside and the ones under the cover (mentioned below)

I then removed all the circuitry, the upper casing , and the generator.

Step 2: The Helicopter

I removed the rotor from a Havok Heli (c), and cut off the shorter, weighted rotors, leaving just the main blades and the shaft.

Step 3: Putting It All Together

follow picture two very carefully, it is important that the rotor doesn't fall from the gear. :)

after the toothpick supports are in place, add more glue to the sides, where they touch the shaft.



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