Introduction: Hand-cricket

This is a really interesting game, especially when you're bored or when you and your friends have nothing to do. Hope you like this and please don't forget to vote!

Nothing is needed except your hands of course and some or one of your friends!

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Step 1: Choosing Who Bats or Bowls

First of all you decide who bats or bowls first you can decide by choosing odd or eve(first both of you , you and your friend choose something either odd or eve , then put a number from 1-6 on both your hands at the same time, then suppose the number you put and the number your friend put add up to an even number, and if you've chosen eve then you can choose whether you'll bat or bowl and the same thing your friend if he/she wins )

Step 2: The Match!

After that if you're batting ,both of you put a number(only from one to six) at the same and then if he/she didn't put the same number as you then the number you put will add to the number of run you have scored. You keep going on like this until finally your opponent puts the same number as you. After he/she puts the same number as you then it's their turn to bat. They also do the same thing until they finally become out. If their score is more than your score then they win , if your score is more than his/her score then you win, but if it comes to a draw then play the golden over. In this over both of you have one over each in which you try to score as much as you can in that over and the same for your opponent . you can also play defense by not putting any number and just by closing your fist. You can also play tournaments, if you want. Also in a normal cricket game there would be a fielder also , so if you want you can put a fielder also , only thing the fielder won't be fielding exactly but they will be bowling with the bowler and as a result it will pretty tough for the batsman.

Note: I said you can play only from one to six but if you want to play till ten or something that would be great!

I hope you enjoyed this game and find it useful and fun. :)

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    3 years ago

    Good Tips.



    4 years ago

    If u close your fists without putting any number, the number the bowler puts adds up to your score.

    the discoverer
    the discoverer

    Reply 4 years ago

    You could do it like that but then it would be way too easy for the person batting .
    Instead what i do is when you close your fists you , you play defense, i.e no runs, but you can only put defence three times in a row. if you put it 4 times your out.