Hand-held Grenade Launcher V2





Introduction: Hand-held Grenade Launcher V2

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Okay...This is v2 of my original grenade launcher. took me 5 minutes but its like.. 10 times better
NEW features
7 shot magazine
under barrel magazine holder

on only one rubber band, i got 25+ feet
ammo explodes with contact of hardish surfaces
true trigger

had to take the sight off to fit a magazine

Hope you enjoy and if I get a comment to post it , I will



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    whoooo , this ible beat my sniper by .01 of a point : )

    i think it would be awesome if you could make the mag similar to a harmonica mag, but vertical, and when the mag is out, it falls out of the bottom, don' think it has been done before

    Sorry but i hit a speed bump in v3,instead of the ammo exploding on contact with target, it explodes in the barrel, classifying it as a hand-held shotgun, which I will post, but it may take awile for v3 to come together

    Looks good, it would get more range if the barrel was longer.