Hand Holder Fan

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Maker name: Naveen.d

Maker space: Banjarapalya E4D Maker space


1. Wood peace

2. Fan

3. Battery

4. Motor




1. Wire cutter

2. Glue gun

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Step 1: Wood Peace

1.Take a two wood peace cut into two peace 15cm as shown in image.

Step 2: Wooden Circle Peace

1.After finishing cuting the wood peace .

2.And take the round wood peace as shown in the image.

3.And stick it as shown in the image.

Step 3: Materials

1 .Take one fan.

2.Take one motare.

3.Take one swich.

4.Take wire how much you need.

5.Take one battry.

Step 4: Wiring

1.Take the motar and fix it to the stick stand as shown in the image.

2.And take the wire how much you need.

3. And rotate it to the stick as shown in the image .

4. And connect the wire to the motar to battry plus and minus.

Step 5: Swich

1.Take a swich and connect it as shown in the image .

2.And stick the swich to the wood peace as shown in the image.

3. And when you finish connecting the swich turn it on it will worke.

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