Hand Made Cup Coaster

Introduction: Hand Made Cup Coaster

A tutorial for making a crafted cup coaster, using laser cutted Bass Wood pattern pieces and crochet.

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Step 1: Materials

1. Knitting thread
2. Knitting hook
3. Needle for thick thread
4. Bass Wood
5. Adobe Illustrator vector file

Step 2: Create the Pattern Shapes in Illustrator

The best format to submit a file for laser cutting is a vector illustrator file, but check in ahead any additional requirements for submitting a file for your local laser cutting service.

Create your own shape or shapes that you would like to use for the pattern on your coaster.
You can do whatever shapes you want but just keep in mind that you will need to saw them later own so make sure to include sawing holes in the shapes.
I used a bass wood for this one because it's a very light wood and I preferred my coaster be as light as possible. Another reason is that that type of wood cuts very nicely. 

Step 3: Crocheting

Crochet a rounded shape, or any other shape that you prefer for your coaster.
You can do it in any style, but here a nice crochet tutorial that I found online:

Step 4: Sawing Everything Together

After you finished the crochet part and got all your pieaces laser cutted it's time to put it all together.
First, arrange the pieces on top of your crochet shape in a pattern that you would like it to be.
You might want to stick it with some pins to keep them in place.
Saw the wooden pieces on top of the crochet shape.

And..... You done!

Now its time to make some hot tea....

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