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Introduction: Hand-sewn Tomato

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Me and my friend have this on going tradition with tomatoes, I can't eat them raw and she eats all of mine for me. She was going away and I wanted to make her something hand made and something that was not too big so that she can travel with it. I found some left over fabric from my other creations and i made this without a sewing machine in about half an hour. It is really quick, cute and easy.

Step 1: Equipment

For this you will need

- Red fabric

- White fabric (or green if you have it I did not have it on hand)

- Black fabric

- Scissors

- Black thread

- White thread

- Sewing needle

- Toy Stuffing

- Black permenant marker

- Green marker/ pen (if you are using white fabric)

Step 2: Cut Out Fabric

First cut out two equal size circles of the red fabric and keep them together. This will be roughly the size of your finished tomato. Then cut out a small half moon shape out of black material for the mouth and place it aside. From the white material cut out two eye shapes (mine were longish half moons). Then cut out three leaf shapes from the white (or green) fabric and place them aside.

Step 3: Sew Together the Main Tomato

Take the black thread and thread it through your sewing needle. then pull the thread through until it is doubled over and tie 2-3 knots in the end (this helps to prevent the thread slipping through the fabric when you are sewing). Take the two red circle cutouts and with the black thread sew them together, leaving a hole so that you can stuff it with filling after. When you are at your last few stitches make sure do a few stitches at the end to prevent the thread becoming loose.

Step 4: Fill the Tomato

The next step is to turn the tomato inside out through the open hole. Then take the toy stuffing and fill the fabric to your desired firmness. I am filling mine a lot as it is very firm but make sure not to over fill it as it will be harder to sew together. Then with the black thread sew the hole closed and then you have the main 'body' of your tomato.

Step 5: Sew on the Face and Leaves

Thread the needle with white thread and sew the eyes onto the tomato. Make sure to do extra stitches at the end of the eye so that the thread doe not become loose. Then with black thread sew on the mouth, again tight stitches to prevent the thread slipping through the fabric. Then on top of the tomato where you sewed the hole place the three leaves on top. Make sure the leaf tips overlap and sew them on top (sew them so that you cover the sewing from the hole.

Step 6: Add Details

Now we are going to make the tomato even more adorable! First to add some colour get a green pen (permanent marker is best) and colour in the white leaves on op of the tomato. If you used green fabric then skip this part. I like colouring the centers and leaving a white edge it gives it a different look.

Then with your black permanent marker draw eyes on the white fabric cutouts. Mine are a little bit animated but I think they look really cute!! Then you could add anything else like dimples or eyelashes but I kept mine pretty basic.

Then give it to your friends or decorate your room or just cuddle the cute little thing!

I might not like to eat tomatoes but I would cuddle this one forever!!

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