Hand Key Rack




 I needed a place to keep my keys, as I tend to lose things not bolted to the walls or floor. I could have just stuck some hooks in the wall, but that doesn't look nice. I looked around online and didn't find any designs that I really liked, so I made a few of my own and decided to go with this one. It is also a good place to keep a wallet, phone or spare change.

Step 1: What You Need:

- Piece of 18 gauge steel, aluminum or other sheet metal
- Hacksaw
- Coping saw
- File
- Drill or drill press
- Pair of pliers
- Bench grinder or angle grinder

Step 2: The Template

- Download the template I made or make your own
- Attach the template to the piece of metal

Step 3: Cutting & Drilling

- Use the hacksaw to cut out as much of the hand as you can, then switch to the coping saw
- Drill out the red circles at the bottom of the hand; make the holes the size of the nails you want to use to attach the key rack to the wall

Step 4: Clean It Up

- Remove the template and set it aside; you need it next step
- Use the angle grinder or bench grinder to round the fingertips and clean up the edges
- Use the file in the places the bench or angle grinder can't reach

Step 5: Bending

- Reattach the template
- Use the pliers to bend the hand at the wrist at a 90 degree angle
- Bend the fingers at their "base" (the first red line) at about a 140 degree angle
- Bend the fingers about halfway down (the second red line) at about a 65 degree angle
- Don't bend the thumb



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    6 years ago on Introduction

    Nearly finished making my own, I only had some thin gal, but it was still a pain to cut by hand :P
    Just waiting for the first coat of gold to dry :D

    4 replies

    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Nice! And I hear you, the only thing stopping me from constant metalwork is the difficulty of cutting sheet by hand...

    When you finish it would be great to see a picture!


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Here's the best photo I could get, now I just need to find somewhere to put it.


    This is really clever. I like the way the hand looks when it is up against the wall, the slight bend int the fingers gives it a lot more personality.

    1 reply