Handbag - (Box Bag) How to Sew Tutorial

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Intro: Handbag - (Box Bag) How to Sew Tutorial

This bag is still my favourite for popping into town. Its small and cute, but has enough space for essentials a couple of inside pockets and of cause the cool outside pockets. They are great for tissues, sweets etc so you don't have to open the bag if you need them. The zip fastening is recessed and quite easy to do! Try it and you will be surprised how simple the technique is.

I used to make the bag with my beginners sewing course and although there were some disasters.... :) it was the most popular bag project I ever did in my beginners classes.

The featured bags were all made by you tube viewers, apart from the red polka dot one (I made that one) and the row of bags was created by students in my class.

You can access the project page for more info and the pattern here:


Direct pattern link:




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