Handbag From Your Old Jeans




Introduction: Handbag From Your Old Jeans

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Lets make a simple and easy handbag from your old jeans


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Step 1: CUT 1

Cut your jeans horizontally where the legs join.

Step 2: CUT 2

Take out the stitch under the zip part and do the same at the back side.

Step 3: CUT 3

Cut out 2 strips from the leg part.

I have used another jeans here.

Step 4: STITCH 1

Stitch the middle portion in a straight way where we have taken out the stitch

Step 5: STITCH 2

Keep your jeans inside out and stitch the bottom part.

Step 6: STITCH 3

Stitch one strap of denim at one side like this picture.Do the same other side.

Your hand bag is ready.

Now lets color it.

Step 7: Lets Color (Optional)

I have done a abstract painting on the bag by just splashing different colors of fabric paint on it.You can watch my youtube video of abstract panting. Its simple and fun to do.

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    Nice bag!


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    Thank you...😊