Handcrafted Magnetic-Top Storage Box



Introduction: Handcrafted Magnetic-Top Storage Box


A box that holds my round bottom flasks

A top that snaps in place magnetically

cheap (5$ was all I spent)

A bit of style


Scrap wood

neodynium magnets

a file

a saw

a little wood glue

some polyurethane

some wood screws

sandpaper or a sanding sponge (the only thing I had to buy)

a drill

a hammer

Step 1: Cutting

Gather up some scrap wood and cut your pieces to your specifications

Step 2: Drill Together and File

It took me literally one century to file this thing to my liking.... and I did it by hand using my great grandfather's old file.

Once you're done filing the edges, it's a good idea to sand it before painting, I used a sanding sponge first, and then some fine grit sandpaper

Step 3: Paint It

use whatever you want, I already had some polyurethane paint lying around

Step 4: Put the Magents In

Pick a drill bit that works with the size of your magnet, if it's a close enough fit you can just tap them in with a hammer. Though, I had do use something in between the magnets and the hammer because um... the magnet will stick to the hammer.

Now put the other magnet on top of the one already in the box (this way the polarity is right) and then use a sharpie and wet the magnet with it, then align the cover so that some of the sharpie ink comes off of the magnet and hits the top cover. This way you've aligned everything correctly so you know exactly where to drill the opposite hole.

Step 5: That's It!

I even put a picture of it on it's side just to demonstrate that those magnets are very strong. You can even hold it upside down (but I couldn't do that and take a picture at the same time).

As you can see my round bottom flasks fit perfectly in it (this was no mistake). In the future I might add some foam to customize it and keep the flasks from breaking. Also I purposely didn't want a handle because I liked the look without it.

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