Handcrafted Quilling Jewellery

Introduction: Handcrafted Quilling Jewellery

This is my first instructable and I made a quilling jewellery set.
To make this spectacular quilling jewellery you will need:

1.Quilling Strips
2.Quilling Needle
3.Quilling Mould
5.Head Pins
6.Pair of Scissors
7.Decorative stones
9.thick thread
10.Earing pins

Tools Needed:

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Step 1: Rolling the Quilling Strips

1.Use the Quilling needle to roll the quilling strips
2.Stick the ends of rolls with glue.
3.Make rolls thicker to make them attractive.
4.Make the central roll of jewellery thicker than others.
5.Make the number of roll as you wish ( I made 7 rolls).

Step 2: Decorating the Rolls

1.Use the beads and decorative stones to decorate thr rolls.
2.Stick the decorative stones on the centre of quilling rolls.
3.I made a flower with 6 stones on the central part.
4.Also stick beads on the cirmference of each roll .
5.Let it dry.

Step 3: Arrangement and Pair of Earing

1.Take a thick thread and put quilled rolls of smaller size as beads
2.Stick the Thread on the back of each roll using pieces of paper.
3.Make the necklace adjustable.
4.Quill more strips on mould to make curved earings.
5.Put head pins and bend them using pliers
6.Put Earing pins on it.

Arrange the jewellery set in jewellery box .
You can make jewellery of any colour!!
Many more to be unveiled....

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    Anubhav Chawla
    Anubhav Chawla

    3 years ago

    Thank You !!! I wish this jewellery could impress others also


    3 years ago

    Your quilling jewelry looks great! Thanks for sharing and welcome to the community!