Handcrafted Jewellery Project- Hemp Bracelet Patterns Without Beads

This attractive handcrafted jewelry idea is about making a DIY hemp bracelet patterns without beads, which feature cute tiny pendants and alternating colors.

Is there any way to make a hemp bracelet pattern without beads which will stay popular? Yes there is! This handcrafted jewellery project takes care of this concern. With some alloy findings and pendants, you will be able to create a beautiful and unique hemp bracelet as well.

Materials and tools:

1mm aqua nylon thread

1mm yellow nylon thread

1mm pink nylon thread

Apple shaped toggle

Teapot shaped pendant

Jump ring



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Step 1: Braid Over Apple Toggle

1st, snip 3 pieces of nylon threads, in aqua, yellow and pink that each measure 1m long;

2nd, slide them over the apple toggle, fold them in half and start to do half hitch knots with the pink thread;

3rd, after making 15 or so half hitches, alternate aqua, then yellow and repeat;

4th, do a total of 6 alternating colors. We suggest doing this order: pink, yellow, aqua, pink, yellow and aqua. After doing the six, half of the length of the bracelet is done.

Step 2: Finish the Braiding

1st, snip another 3 pieces of nylon threads as in previous step;

2nd, start with aqua color and make the other half of half hitch knot braiding;

3rd, tie overhand knots on both ends of bracelet;

4th, trim off extra threads at both sides, and don’t forget to leave short lengths as tassels;

5th, attach teapot pendant to toggle by jump ring.

Step 3: The Final Look Is Like This:

Tada! This handcrafted jewellery project is done! This hemp bracelet patterns without beads can save you a lot of trouble from squeezing threads through tiny bead holes. Now it is time for you to prove your excellent braiding skills and try this project out!



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