Handcrafted Jewelry Project Friendship Bracelets Patterns

Step 1: Cut Two Pieces of Cords That Are at Least 32 Inches (0.8meters) Long. Now You Have Six Cords and Each Cords Are 32 Inches (0.8meters) Long.

Step 2: Fold One of the Peach Cord in Half and Take It Through the Hole of Silver Mosaic Four-leaf Clovers Bead.

Step 3: Pull the Other Two Cords Through the Hole of Bead. Then Pull the Three Cords Through the Loop. (As Shown in the Picture)

Step 4: Take the Left Peach Cord Over the Holding Cords and Put It Under the Right Peach Cord.

Step 5: Put the Peach Cord on the Right Over the Other Peach Cord From the Left and Under the Holding Cords in Between. and Then Take It Out From Left Loop on the Left. the Braiding Method Above Is Called Square Knot.

Step 6: Repeat the Same Steps 4 and 5. Continue Braiding the Rest of Cord and You’ll Create the Spiral Pattern.

Step 7: Stop Braiding When Reached 3cm. Now Change Another Cord, Pull the Blue Sky Cord and Continue Braiding Bracelet by Using the Above Method.

Step 8: Again, Pull the Gold Yellow Cord and Continue Braiding Bracelet by Using the Above Method.

Step 9: Repeat the Same Process on the Other Side. Compare the Left to Right, Keep Them As Equal Length.

Step 10: Trim the Excess Cords and Tie a Small Knot to Secure Your Bracelet.



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