3D Printed Dual-Fan

Introduction: 3D Printed Dual-Fan

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This is a 3d printable dual fan I printed in my spare time. it is useful for many things such as camping (beating the heat),and it could be easily rigged to do other things.

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Step 1: Materials

The materials are simple, and can be bought online or at any electronic store.

  1. 1- 3d printer, if you have a 3d printer great! but if not there are many alternatives such as ordering the model or making it from another material homemade
  2. 1- 9v battery
  3. 1- 9v battery mount (not required)
  4. 2- small motors here
  5. wire
  6. 1- switch
  7. glue/ adhesive
  8. electrical tape

The files I made in inventor where to scale but when I uploaded them as an stl file the object was scaled down, so if you have trouble please ask me! 1/2 of the frame was 4.25inches long and at the handle 1.25 inches wide. The holder should be about an inch long.

I didn't make the fan but the stl file is Here- I made the diameter of the propeller/ fan 2 inches.

I only have a few pics and I usually have more so sorry some just didn't pull through...

Step 2: Motor Attachment

This step should be quite simple and straight forward.

  1. glue the 2 frame halves together
  2. Glue the holder to either flat side of the motor
  3. punch a tiny hole in the center of the propeller than glue it to the motor
  4. glue the motor assembly to the frame

Step 3: Wireing Negative Wires

First glue or tape the battery holder to the handle of your fan.

Next find that when held up to a battery make sure that the flow of wind is directed downward, solder the negative (-)(black) wires from the battery and motor together.

Step 4: Wireing Positive Wires

First solder the positive lead of the battery holder to the middle pin of the switch.

Next solder the positive leads on the motor to the left or right side of the switch but NOT BOTH!

After that test the circuit by plugging in the battery, if it works well tape down the loose wire and glue the switch to a place that your thumb would naturally rest on.

And Congratulations! Your Done!

Step 5: Extras!!

Try to mod it!

It has lots of space and you can do many thing with a fan. What and how will you change yours? please send me a pic and description in the comments section!

Some warm-up ideas

  1. hovercraft! (and race them down your street!)
  2. vacuum cleaner (try to switch the flow of air and add a bag)
  3. jacket cooler
  4. add lights
  5. water mister

What will you think of?!

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